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Use of Affidavit—Example

First of all, before providing you with an affidavit definition, a free affidavit form, and a free sample affidavit form, let's introduce the concept of affidavit.

There's nothing like an example to understand the context of use of an affidavit. Take a look at this public solicitation notice from the University of Oregon requesting a non-collusion affidavit to be signed by contractors in order to be considered:


The University intends to enter into a contract for consulting services for the purpose of developing and implementing a campus-wide one-card system (...) Applicants will be required to sign an affidavit form stating they are not now affiliated with, nor receiving compensation from any card system vendors or financial institutions.

Affidavit Definition

What is an affidavit?
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Affidavit Definition:

An affidavit is a formal lgal sworn statement of fact, signed by the declarant (who is called the affiant or deponent) and witnessed (as to the veracity of the affiant's signature) by a taker of oaths, such as a notary public. The name is Medieval Latin for "He has declared upon oath".

Free Sample Affidavit Format Template

How to write an affidavit legal document?
Where can I find an affidavit template?
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An affidavit is written in the first person by the deponent (that is, the person that swears), and it's divided into numbered paragraphs.

Want to know how to write an affidavit letter? While no clear rules are specified, writing an affidavit may follow the common affidavit format below.

  1. Affidavit Header or Affidavit Title.

    The affidavit header is a simple title at the top of the document stating the deponent's name or the affidavit raison d'être, like Affidavit of Jane Doe, Affidavit of Publication, or Contract Affidavit.

    Affidavit of [deponent's name or affidavit object]


  2. Affidavit Deed or Fact Statements.

    The first paragraph of an affidavit states the deponent's civil information, i.e., full name, age, occupation, complete address of residence.

    1. My name is [deponent's full name]. I am [age] years old, am working as a [job title], and currently reside at [complete residence address].

    Subsequent paragraphs constitute the deponent's core statement of facts, each paragraph being confined to a distinct affidavit fact, also called affidavit deed.

    1. [affidavit statement or affidavit deed #1]
    2. [affidavit statement or affidavit deed #2]
    3. [affidavit statement or affidavit deed #3]



  3. Affidavit Footer or Affidavit Signature.

    An affidavit legal document has to be signed by both the deponent and the person before whom it was sworn, the name of the signing person being legibly printed directly beneath the signature.

    An affidavit states the date it was sworn.


    [jurisdiction], ss:

    [deponent's full name], being first duly sworn on oath according to law, deposes and says that [he/she] has read the foregoing AFFIDAVIT OF [full name/object] by [his/her] subscribed, that the matters stated herein are true to the best of [his/her] information, knowledge and belief.

    [deponent's signature]
    [deponent's name]

    SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me
    this 16th day of April, 2012.

    [signature of the person authorized to take affidavits]
    [label: Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths]
    My commission expires [expiry date].

    An affidavit may reference any document, which becomes an exhibit of the affidavit and may or may not be attached. If attached, the affidavit exhibit is signed by the same person and dated the same date.

Free Sample Affidavit Form

In federal procurement context, the soliciting organization may require bidders to sign a specific affidavit, like the following:

Affidavit forms are also used for countless different purposes, among others:

Beware that format an content requirements may be different over the country, like in California, Florida, Texas, and New York states.

Here is a list of other valuable sources of affidavit form templates:

Free Affidavit Examples

Here are free affidavit examples that have become famous in history:

These documents are in the public domain, hence free.

Free Sample Sworn Affidavit Form

A sworn affidavit is an affidavit that has to be sworn by the deponent in person before a person authorized to take affidavits. This authorized person is called Notary Public in the USA or Commissioner of Oaths in Canada.

Before submitting the sworn affidavit, make sure the sworn affidavit is properly witnessed by double-checking that all required parties have signed the sworn affidavit and that supporting ancillary documents are attached, if any. This advise is free.

Free Sample Affidavit Form: Use With Caution

This free material provides you with general ideas on affidavit definition, free affidavit form, and free sample affidavit form. All of this free affidavit information must be modified to fit your specific needs and conform to local applicable laws, which not only differ from countries, regions, states, and provinces, but change overtime. This free information should not be relied upon as a substitution for consulting a competent source, i.e., a lawyer.

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