Executive Summary Template and Sample

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Use the executive summary template and sample provided in your FREE RFP Letters Toolkit to create your own executive summary from a template.

What this page can help you do:

  • understand what an executive summary is -and what it is not;
  • discover techniques in order to write an executive summary that stands above the competition;
  • learn common pitfalls that make people write an abstract instead of an executive summary;
  • leverage your free executive summary template; and
  • read the best books and web references about the perfect executive summary.

Executive Summary: Definition


Executive Summary Definition

An Executive Summary has basically nothing to do with product presentation, and everything to do with a persuasive sales pitch. It is far more than an abstract which merely presents the rest of the document -it's your unique opportunity to convince the reader that your solution provides the best value proposition: the best benefit at the lowest cost.

The more technical your proposal, the more important the executive summary is likely to be. Unlike the abstract, the executive summary steers clear of technicalities to instead concentrate on substantiating the benefits for the customer.

Also known as: business executive summary, management summary, or executive management summary.

Common misspellings: excutive summary, exective summary, execitive summary, eccutive summary, managment summary, executive sumary, executive summry, or eecutive summary.

How to Write an Executive Summary

Executive Summary First

By writing your Executive Summary first, you ensure that the rest of your proposal will be aligned with the persuasive message you want to deliver.

Executive Summary Content

Your executive summary should contain your value proposition, which should be seized right away by your reader. Read the discussion How to write an Executive Summary that will help you identify the needed information for laying down your value proposition through the use of win themes.

It is highly recommended that you to read the suggestions below in order to properly and successfully use the executive summary template and sample. When you write your value proposition, use representation instead of marketing puffery or commercial fluff.

  1. Use the executive summary template and sample provided in your FREE RFP Letters Toolkit to create your own executive summary from a template.
  2. First, there are 3 critical items -no more, no less- that your executive summary must present. You will find these 3 most important items in your executive summary template.
  3. To give credibility to your executive summary, these important items have to be presented in a simple, declarative, and persuasive manner by applying the S.P.A. rule to your value proposition. Learn what is the S.P.A. rule and how to use it by requesting your FREE executive summary template
  4. Finally, to put all odds on your side, your executive summary must, in its conclusion, highlight the most important point of your value proposition. Discover the most efficient closing statement in your executive summary template.
  5. Final tips. Use action verbs in your value proposition to show the path of enlightenment to your customer. Write your executive summary for the best readability, meaning the lowest grade level possible. This way, you ensure that no barrier hampers your reader's full understanding of your point. Correct, edit, and revise your executive summary -but only when you're finished writing it.
  6. Use the executive summary template and sample provided in your FREE RFP Letters Toolkit to create your own executive summary from a template.
  7. Since things sometimes get a little more complicated than usual, remember to consult a lawyer for further information before considering your executive summary as definitive.

By following this executive summary format as an executive summary template for your proposal, you ensure that your writing will be as persuasive as possible.

Abstract vs. Executive Summary: The Key Differences

In most people's mind, if abstract and executive summary are not usually designating the same written material, these two words are, at least, the source of uncertainty and confusion.

To know exactly what are the differences between abstract and executive summary, and, thus, to stand out from your competitors, read Abstract vs. Executive Summary: Discover The Main Differences.

FREE Executive Summary Template and Sample

Also known as: abstract/executive summary template and sample.

Use the executive summary template and sample provided in your FREE RFP Letters Toolkit to create your own executive summary from a template, or any other letter or document template related to the solicitation and selection process.

Executive Summary Tips, Dos, and Don'ts

Here are some tips on how to write your executive summary, and how not to write it.

Do's and Don'ts of Executive Summary:

  • Be persuasive (follow the executive summary format: state, prove, apply)
  • Don't be demonstrative (don't focus on features)
  • Write your executive summary with active-voice sentences
  • Keep a strong, enthusiastic, and proactive language
  • Convert passive-voice sentences as much as possible
  • Write simple, short sentences intended to be read by an executive
  • Keep your executive summary short (1 page for every 20-50 pages)
  • Write your executive summary from an executive summary template and sample
  • Don't provide unnecessary, technical details, remember, an executive should be able to read it
  • Avoid excessive jargon, and write the definition first
  • Correct spelling, punctuation, style, and grammar errors
  • Write primarily for your customer, not for yourself (use their organization's name more often than yours), so don't start with a description of your organization
  • Write primarily about your customer (benefits), not about you or your product (features)


Executive Summary Template and Sample: Web Resources

  The Art of the Executive Summary
by Guy Kawasaki (You really have to know Guy Kawasaki and read his books).
  Noise and Elimination of the Nonessential
by Presentation Zen
  Bill Gates' Executive Speeches and Keynotes
by Bill Gates
  Informative Abstract vs Executive Summary
by The University of Western Ontario
  Collection of Articles on How to Write Abstracts vs Executive Summaries
by UK-Student.net

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