Uniform Contract Format (UCF)

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Uniform Contract Format Example

Here is an example of the UCF being used by a federal DoD agency, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), to acquire professional services.

Federal Uniform Contract Format (UCF): Standard Form 33 (SF 33)

The use of a uniform contract format (UCF) facilitates preparation of the solicitation (Request for Proposal [RFP])and contract as well as reference to, and use of, those documents by offerors, contractors, and contract administrators.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) set forth instructions relative to each section of the UCF that federal agencies are strongly encouraged to use. Actually, they use the Standard Form 33 (SF 33) to prepare their RFP (see below). Main sections are hyperlinked to the official FAR website.

Uniform Contract Format (UCF)

Part I—The Schedule

  1. Solicitation/Contract Form
  2. Supplies or Services & Prices or Costs
  3. Specification/SOW/SOO/ORD
  4. Packaging & Marking
  5. Inspection & Acceptance
  6. Deliveries or Performance
  7. Contract Administration Data
  8. Special Contract Requirements

Part II—Clauses

  1.  Contract Clauses

Part III—List of Documents, Exhibits, & Other Attachments

  1. List of Attachments

Part IV—Representations & Instructions

  1. Representations, Certifications, & Other Statements
  2. Instructions, Conditions, & Notices to Offerors or Quoters
  3. Evaluation Factors for Award

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