Case Study: R.G. Barry
R.G. Barry, a leading developer and marketer of accessory footwear, lacked real-time visibility into production schedules at its factories. As a result, the

fashion business case study free  sandals, hybrid and active fashion footwear, slipper socks and hosiery. The Challenge : R.G. Barry lacked real-time visibility into production schedules at its factories and relied on emails and verbal communications. As a result, the company built more safety stock, required longer lead times, and could not quickly update customers on the status of their orders. The Solution: R.G. Barry selected e-SPS®, a web-based global sourcing solution that provides real-time visibility and collaboration throughout

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PLM for the Fashion Industry RFP Template

Line Planning and Calendar Management, Concept Development, Design and Product Development, Sourcing and Supply Chain Collaboration, Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), Product Quality and Compliance, Visual Merchandising, Core PLM for Fashion/Retail Industries, and Application Technology 

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