Diagnosing Requirements Failure: A Benchmark Report
According to an IAG survey, 70 percent of companies lack the fundamental competencies within business requirements discovery to consistently bring in projects

functional requirements document sample  delivering beyond the original functionality specification. IT-managed requirements analysis: Generally performed better on budget and time than the non-IT business analysts, but delivered less functionality than was expected by the business. Jointly owned requirements analysis: This was found to be the optimal approach, with the lowest overall time and budget expenditure and generally on-target application delivery. Who Owned Primary Responsibility for Requirements? Budget % of target Time % of target

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Document Management for the Health Care Industry RFP Template

Scanning, Importing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Indexing and Storage, Retrieval, Editing, Viewing, Patient Records, Electronic Signature, Printing and Faxing, Workflow, Security, System Management, and Product Technology 

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