Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, Revisited Part Two: 1990s--Enterprise Resource Planning
Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions became synonymous with competitive advantage, particularly throughout the 1990's. Customers

data dictionary for payroll system  programs that would use data stored on one common database and would be used enterprise-wide (such as, actions in one department's program driving actions elsewhere), became the highest priority for IT professionals. No longer was it tolerable to submit a request to the IT department and wait several man-months of programming time to obtain this critical information. This common-database, company-wide integrated system was named enterprise resource planning (ERP) , as companies realized the need to see

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Core HR

Core human resources (HR) includes the HR system of record that combines HR transactions, processes, and data. Main capabilities also include payroll management, benefits management, workforce management, and training management. 

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