The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: A Guide to Decision Making
IT organizations can no longer manage networks in isolation from the applications they support, requiring a shift from focusing on devices to a focus on

definition of a front end decision  HTTP. Similar to the definition of a chatty application, a protocol is referred to as being chatty if it requires tens if not hundreds of turns for a single transaction. In addition, XML is a dense protocol. That means communications based on XML consume more IT resources than communications that are not based on XML. The webification of applications introduces chatty protocols into the network. In addition, some or these protocols (e.g., XML) tend to greatly increase the amount of data that transits the

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Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generation of quotes that occure during the sales process. CPQ solutions create accurate and professional sales quotes for complex, custom-engineered or customizable products while streamlining core processes and lowering costs. Common features of CPQ software include product catalog and pricing functionality, product visualization, and support for channel sales. 

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