Demand Planning: Optimizing Operations across the Supply Chain
Demand planning applications can help manufacturers establish baseline sales forecasts and perform analysis to improve resource usage. They can also help

dell supply chain process flow diagram  in estimating demand. When Dell mails out catalogs and sends out e-mail blasts, says MaxQ's Pavain, they must use past history as a guide to plan how much of a sales increase is expected. Still more difficult to assess is the demand for a new product. You can do market research and look at similar products, but for products that are instant hits or fads, it's very much like trying to predict the future, says Pavain. Who knew Apple's iPod was going to take off, whereas the Newton [an early handheld

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ERP for Distribution Industries

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)—distribution software is designed for companies in the distribution and logistics industries. Traditional distribution businesses focus on moving goods through a supply chain, and the distribution software market has developed products to meet these needs. The software solutions developed for ERP for distribution includes functionality for supply chain management (SCM), distribution process management (DPM), and retail and commerce. 

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