Compaq's Alpha - Moving Toward Its Omega?
Compaq's powerful Alpha processor is reaching a crucial juncture - will Compaq expend the effort necessary for it to challenge Intel's dominance, or is it

dell vs hp vs ibm technical server  of Win mkt),HP (16%U/23%W), Dell (0%U, 23%W) Intel-based servers: Compaq ProLiant (30+% of Intel market), Dell(~15%), HP, IBM(~10% ea.) Unix server competition: Sun, HP, IBM Sales for Alpha are increasing slightly (year-over-year). Alpha-based products are about 7% of the market (NT server and workstation volume) and about 7% of the Unix market [Source: Compaq]. Alpha is unlikely to overtake any other CPU (that it hasn't already passed) in market share. Product Strengths Power: Alpha-based products are

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