Road Map for Delivering BI Publisher Documents from Oracle EBS
Communication between companies is critical for smooth and effective commerce. Delays in information delivery may seriously affect a company’s profitability

diagram for online library system  evidenced from the architecture diagram (see Figure 8), BIP also has the ability to deliver data via fax and email. This is accomplished with BIP's Delivery Manager. The BIP Delivery Manager is a set of Java APIs that can be utilized to facilitate the delivery of your documents to their intended recipients. For complete specifications on the API, please consult the BIP documentation. For fax, the open source UNIX package, Common UNIX Printing Solution (CUPS) , must be installed along with a fax package

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Learning Management Suite (LMS) RFP/RFI Template

Classroom Training Management; E-learning Management; Custom Content Authoring/Publishing Tools; Virtual Classrooms; Course Content/Learning Object Management; Communication and Collaboration; Assessments and Evaluations; Performance Support; Blended Learning; Competency and Performance Management; E-commerce Support; Reporting; Analytics; Language Support; Usability; Support; 

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