Team With Business Management to Drive Out IT Cost
IT complexity drives cost and to a great extent, it is business management that drives IT complexity. Until IT architecture and infrastructure are simplified

difference between cost control cost reduction  larger ones. The only difference is that the integration versus assimilation issues lie between departments or divisions who are left to choose their own systems and suppliers. Ultimately, IT Management will be held accountable for the cost and value of IT systems whether or not they chose or implemented them. Take the leap and team up with the other enabling organizations in the company to choose the hymn book and point out the most appropriate hymns to match the current and future agenda. Back to our

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PLM for the Fashion Industry

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Fashion is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fashion goods (including apparel, footwear, accessory and home fashion) manufacturers and retailers to achieve more efficient product development, lower cost, and better collaboration and control throughout the whole supply chain. 

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