Giving a Business Process Management Edge to Enterprise Resource Planning
By providing business process management functionality, Exact hopes to bring competitive enhancements to enterprise resource planning systems used by small and

difference between ecm erp  enterprise applications. The big difference is that the vendor delivers regular feature updates through maintenance, thus it is situated in a middle ground between traditional perpetual-licensing and more the modern subscription, software as a service (SaaS) models (see Trends in Delivery and Pricing Models for Enterprise Applications: Pricing Options ). Exact Software has placed the product in long term development. There have been no major version releases in the past three years, but any customer on a

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Comparison Report

Content Authoring; Content Acquisition; Content Aggregation; Output and Content Presentation; Workflow Management; Version Control and Management; Development Tool Technical Architecture; Portal Support; Document and Records Management; Search and Indexing Management; Security Management; Digital Asset Management; Reporting and Statistics Management; Performance, Backup, and Recovery; and Product Technology 

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