TEC Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide
While the need for sustainable development is affecting how organizations do business, the idea of environmental and corporate responsibility as value drivers

disadvantage of electronic media  performance create a serious disadvantage. Managers are teaming with procurement departments to better leverage efforts to green their suppliers. This requires carrying out an assessment of the environmental consequences of a product at all the each stage of its life cycle. This translates to measuring the environmental costs of securing raw materials; and manufacturing, transporting, storing, handling, using, and disposing of the product. Implementing an automated supplier enablement process brings

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the Health Care Industry

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) assists physicians and other clinicians document patient care for current visits and provides access to patient clinical history. Sometimes may be referred to as computerized patient records (CPR). 

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