Atrion User Conference Highlights Need for Regulatory Compliance in PLM
The Atrion International User Group met in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) to discuss ways to improve regulatory compliance for their respective companies. At the

documentation for hotel management  risks Delays for regulatory documentation Delays and extra costs for transportation Right to know requirements not met General compliance documentation issues Increase Product Quality Product performance reduction from changes Table 1: Consequence of Non-compliance on PLM Value Source: Tech-Clarity Summary Atrion presented a vision and direction that will allow them to serve their customer's regulatory requirements within product lifecycle management. The customers echoed the need for focus on

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A content management system is a software package designed to manage an organization@@s entire@collection of@documents, records, and other@information assets. Content management systems are built on a central repository, which holds all content, metadata, rules, and supporting information. Around this, processes and disciplines are established that ensure that day-to-day activities run smoothly and efficiently. 

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