10 Steps to Better Software Test Automation
Maybe you’re considering software test tools for the first time. Or maybe you have experience but think your existing software test automation process needs

manual test cases writing tools  the testing and the manual test requirement is significantly reduced. The first run of any test should be preformed manually - then the tests are automated. The test can be run as frequently as necessary with no additional cost. The QA professionals become the Champions of the test process by eliminating the bottleneck. Achieve Immediate Benefits One of the weaknesses of standard QA Automation Methodologies is the upfront time and effort required before being able to write a single line of automation

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Software Test Tools

Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project@s life, from gathering requirements to supporting the live system. Some vendors concentrate on a single part of that life cycle. The software test tools knowledge base provides functional criteria you might expect from a testing tool, the infrastructure that supports the tool, and an idea of the market position of the vendor. 

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