Are Sales Incentives Even In Tune With the Corporate Strategy?
With sales being the lifeblood of virtually any company, selling should be an accurately accountable process forming the basis of overall strategic objectives

meaning of corporate sales executive  metrics by using rules (meaning ways to filter and calculate in the form of an if-then statement, where the if contains a Boolean expression that selects objects from the database, such as which transactions to use, and the then contains formulas that calculate and save new values) are quite superior to more traditional approaches. Such approaches might involve some hard-coded logic or restrictive predefined compensation models, which limit compensation plans to generic, lowest common denominator

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

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LMS For Corporate Learning

Corporate learning management systems (LMS) have been designed to support learning and development strategies at the organizational level. These systems depart from educational LMS, which focus more on learning as a societal concern rather than an organizational concern. Key functionalities include: course and resource management; competency management; curriculum, certifications, and learning plans; surveys and assessments; as well as some learning content management. Advanced corporate learning systems deliver an array of analytics and reporting as well as a consumer style user experience. 

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