Who Are White Papers Aimed at Anyway-The Technical Professional or the Poor Soul Who Got Stuck With the Job?
Anyone who’s ever been involved in choosing enterprise software knows it’s not an easy job. It takes months of preparation that involves gathering information

meaning of technical support executive  has a very specific meaning relating to software development. Since the majority of white papers produced today fall into the technology camp, the use of the word tool in a business white paper could be misconstrued when read by technical professionals.” If you’re not sure where I’m going with all this, just keep reading; it’ll begin to make a little more sense shortly. Let’s start by looking at two examples of how the word “solution” could be used. Example 1—CORRECTLY using the word

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Help Desk is an application for assisting and managing calls for support from computer users. It also includes computer and software inventory tracking along with technical support knowledge bases. 

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