How to Evaluate Web-based BI Solutions
Web-based business intelligence (BI) is no longer an anomaly: organizations are ready for BI solutions that go beyond Web portals. However, when selecting Web

microsoft office market share graph  Access to analytics from Microsoft Office applications Interfaces with Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel Nested crosstabs and charts Crosstabs and charts are embedded within the reports to enable a more complete view of data Creation of analytic workflows Allows users to develop a process map and to link it to their reports Report prompts to give multiple selection criteria The ability to customize reports based on parameters Add calculations, such as sum, average, moving average, and count to

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Field Service Management (FSM) RFP Template

Customer Engagement Management, Contract and Warranty Management, Work Order Management, Inventory, Logistics, and Parts@ Planning, Workforce Forecasting and Planning (Supply and Demand), Scheduling and Routing, Integration, Analytics and Reporting, Product Technology 

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