Infor Reports Rapid Growth of Distribution Business Unit
Infor recently announced that its distribution business unit has had more than 120 percent license growth since the close of Infor's 2010 fiscal year. By

middleware examples  A+ through Infor ION middleware, State Electric 's roll out of the Infor Road Warrior mobile sales force automation (SFA) app, and IDG 's adoption of the Storeroom for SX.e solution. In a nutshell, Infor was a leader in the distribution industry before the new Infor10x platform message and solutions, which gave it a timing advantage over other Infor industries. Focus is important to Infor Distribution customers. The primary distribution ERP products have been the aforementioned SX.e and, more recently,

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID systems are used in different situations that require the tracking of unique items. RFID tags, in the context of enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, make items visible from manufacturing through distribution. RFID tags may be used to carry basic information such as an address, to more complex information used at different stages of an assembly line. 

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