ERP Systems Buyer’s Guide
The implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to automate business processes is a strategic investment. Buying the right system and

most common mrp systems  ERP Implementation The three most common indirect/unexpected costs while buying an ERP system are as follows: Implementation/Installation Costs Internal Staff Costs Follow-Up Services Costs   Vendor Requirements The commoditization of ERP functionality features, complemented with the standardized sales process of most vendors, leaves the buyers confused. In such a scenario, choosing the right vendor/implementation partner is as important as the selection of an ERP package. It is advisable to prepare a co

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Generic ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate most common business functions. ERP software was originally designed to provide an integrated solution for manufacturing, bringing together essential elements such as inventory management, order taking, and accounting. Today@s ERP systems reach further, tying together all traditional management functions. Many full-suite solutions include formerly distinct functions such as customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), warehouse management, reporting, and product data management (PDM). But all ERP systems are built around a common core: financials, human resources, inventory management, purchasing management, and sales management. It may be a useful exercise to compare software solutions on these core areas before venturing into specialized or detailed comparisons. 

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