Readability Statistics are indicators that measure how easily an adult can read and understand a text. They are therefore a good predictor of the level of difficulty of particularly technical documents

Definition of a Request for Proposal (RFP): publication of detailed requirements by a prospective buyer in order to receive vendor offerings

Decision matrix: a decision-support tool allowing decision makers to solve their problem by evaluating, rating, and comparing different alternatives

What is Sole Source? Sole Source Definition. Understand the difference between Sole Source and Single Source. Benefits of Sole Sourcing. When to use Sole Source as a contracting method. Sole Source Prescription. Sole Source Justification. Inappropriate Sole Source Justification. How to use Sole Source. How to protest against Sole Source solicitation. Sole Source Solicitation Web References. Tips, templates, and samples of a professional protest letter. Learn tips on how to write a protest letter against a contract awarded as a sole source

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to minimize the costs, risks, and time associated with software selection:

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